• How long is our delivery period?


    In CFM Minerales, we try to deliver our clients’ orders within 24 or 48 hours. There are some orders that need to be dropped urgently which can be delivered within 1 hour. Customer service is a key aspect for us.

  • What types of packing do we work with?


    These are the main packing formats that we work with:
    - Big bags. From 1,000 kg to 1,350 kg
    - 25 kg paper sacks
    - 25 kg raffia sacks - In bulk (depending on demand)

    We also offer the possibility of working with our clients’ own packing.
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  • Which Incoterms can we work with?


    Through time, we have adapted to our clients’ needs and have developed the ability of working with any Incoterm. According to the regulations in force since 2010, these are our logistic management options:
    - EXW
    - FCA
    - FAS
    - FOB
    - CFR
    - CIF
    - CPT
    - CIP
    - DAT
    - DAP

  • Are we also logistic suppliers?


    Yes. In CFM Minerales, we offer services to take care of the warehousing, the logistics and the handling of raw materials and chemical products. The demand of this service has increased and become very frequent in recent years thanks to the growth and internationalization of firms.

  • Can we work as a customs warehouse?


    Surely. Our warehouse is a customs warehouse, so we can offer more flexibility and possibilities to our clients. This service has also gained a lot of demand in recent times.


  • How are the prices of raw materials set in CFM?


    Depending on the raw material, different criteria is used to set its rate. Some of our raw materials are listed on the LME (London Metal Exchange), whereas others fluctuate according to the market. Here you can see some examples: https://www.lme.com/

  • What is the period of validity of CFM Minerales’ prices?


    CFM Minerales’ prices may change weekly, monthly, quarterly half-yearly or yearly, depending on the type of raw material. For example, the prices of our two most consulted raw materials change as follows: Zirconium has a quarterly period of validity and Zinc has a monthly period of validity.

Facilities / factories

  • Where are we located?


    Currently CFM Group is present in:
    - Spain (Castellón)
    - Indonesia (Surabaya)
    - México (Monterrey)


  • Where is our Zirconium produced?


    Our facilities of Indonesia are the ones with the biggest production capacity. Nevertheless, we also have lines of production of Zirconium in Spain.

  • What types of sand are used?


    We essentially use Zirconium sand from Australia, Indonesia and Senegal.

  • Can we guarantee the radiation protection?


    In CFM Minerales, we have a target set by the law addressing the safety of the final users, our clients and the carriers. We guarantee that the European regulations are met totally safe.