Generally we provide raw materials and metal oxides specifically.

CFM Group

At CFM Group we are a family-based totally professionalized company which focuses on satisfying our customers’ needs, understanding what they need and providing the best value proposition to be adapted to such needs.

We are aware of the fact that we live in a changing world in which digitalization is a must so we blend our know-how and turn it into our motor.

What we do

Generally we provide raw materials and specifically metal oxides. We take care of the traditional raw materials distribution but also we transform them using our milling equipment and look for new strategic products with new industrial developments.
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What motivates us

We would like to meet the market’s needs, which means for us, providing raw materials continuously and developing new products. You can physically find us in any world-wide strategic market.

Thanks to working with valuable suppliers and dealers, we have been able to create a key network of contacts which keeps us up to date with every change, need or demand in the market.
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CFM Group was founded in 1986 in Castellón (Spain) as a raw material distribution company framed in the growing ceramic sector through its parent company, CFM Minerales, S.A. The Group’s founder and current CEO, José Manuel Castelló, was able to start this business thanks to the special features of the ceramic sector which has a huge potential, a large market which is located in a particular zone.

Due to the economic crisis in 2009, the business core is no longer enough to meet the company’s growth targets. Globalization and market opening has led this change in the 90’s. The new century was marked by the outsourcing of their production processes in some developing countries.

Headquarters in:


At CFM we founded our first company abroad in 2010 under the name CFM MEXICO (in Monterrey, Mexico) with the purpose of entering the American market. Thanks to this new smaller branch, our company could access the market more flexibly and faster.

Headquarters in:​


At CFM Group we opened our first production plant in Surabaya (Indonesia) in 2015 under the name of PT CFM MINERALS INDONESIA in which the zirconium production is very significant among other activities.

Our headquarters across the world

On the brink of 2020, CFM is investing on another big change based on their environmental
awareness, the resources available and technological breakthroughs.

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Camino La Ramba, s/n
(Anteriormente Camino Palos)
12200 Onda (Castellón)
Teléfono: 964 776 250
Fax: 964 605 484

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Ave. Ruíz Cortines #831.
Esq. Ave. Adolfo Lopez Mateos
Bodeg 8 – Col. La Victoria
67110 Guadalupe, N.L (Mexico)
Móv: +34 606 690 365
Tel: +34 964 776 250 ext 3021

cfm logo indonesia
Jl. Raya Mojosari – Kejapanan
Desa Jasem, kec. Ngoro
Mojokerto 61385 | Indonesia
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